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Title Platform Date
Germinator - Gameplay #4
The fourth and final gameplay video for Germinator.
PS3 28 Jun 2018
Graphics Comparison - Crysis 3
Want to see which version of Crysis 3 has the best rain drops? We do a graphics comparison video with PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game!
PC 19 Feb 2016
Germinator - Official Trailer
Check out the official trailer for Germinator.
PS3 12 Feb 2016
Germinator - Gameplay #1
Here's the first of four gameplay videos for Germinator.
PS3 12 Feb 2016
GS News - Dead Space 3 demo hits 2 million downloads
EA reveals nearly 2 million gamers across Xbox Live and PlayStation Network tried out upcoming action game.
PC 04 Feb 2016
GS News - Skyrim DLC on PS3 starts February 12
Bethesda reveals release dates for long-missing Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard expansions for latest Elder Scrolls game.
PS3 01 Feb 2016
GameSpot UK Podcast - Xbox 720, The Cave, Ni No Kuni
Join us as we dig into to the lastest Xbox 720 rumours, Ron Gilbert's The Cave, and the Ghibli animated JRPG Ni No Kuni.
PC 23 Jan 2016
GS News - All Skyrim DLC coming to PS3 next month
Bethesda bringing Dragonborn, Hearthfire, and Dawnguard expansions to Sony console in February; PC players get Dragonborn content Feb. 5.
PS3 18 Jan 2016
Galactic Express - Launch Trailer
Galactic Express is now available for PC.
PC 15 Jan 2016
GS News - Dawnguard, Hearthfire Skyrim DLC for PS3 on h
Bethesda not returning to work on earlier expansions until Dragonborn development is finished.
PC 06 Dec 2012
GameSpot Asia X CNET Asia Holiday Special
CNET Asia's Tech Buzz host Jacqueline Seng and GameSpot Asia's Jonathan Toyad duke it out with party games that are crowd-friendly for the December festivities. Challenge accepted! To see..
3DS 05 Dec 2012
GS News - Dragonborn Details Leaked
Beta tester for upcoming content reveals numerous details on latest expansion; rideable dragons, new weapons, armor, and more confirmed.
X360 03 Dec 2012
Guardians of Middle-Earth - Launch Trailer
Guardians of Middle-Earth launches on December 4, 2012!
PS3 03 Dec 2012
GameSpot AU's Shipping Out - December 3, 2012
Will you fight alongside the fellowship for Middle-Earth this week, or just collect sticker stars?
X360 02 Dec 2012
Get the Guardians Out Gameplay Epic Mickey 2: The Pow
Oswald and Mickey free the Guardians and discover a new projector, Autotopia.
PS3 16 Nov 2012
GS News - Black Ops II sells 1M at GameStop midnight la
Latest Call of Duty off to quick start at specialty retailer; analyst predicts total day-one sales of 6.5-7.2 million.
X360 14 Nov 2012
GS News - Black Ops II PC containing Mass Effect 2 seco
Some users unable to complete installation of retail copies of latest Call of Duty as second disk is in fact EA's 2010 RPG.
PC 13 Nov 2012
GS News - AC Anthology, ACIII sells 3.5M, Watch Dogs in
Assassin's Creed Anthology collection announced, first-week sales of ACIII rise 100 percent over AC: Revelations' mark; futuristic action game landing next year; company posts $41.35 mill..
PS3 06 Nov 2012
GSesports Day 2 RoundTable
Mrs Violence, TSquared, Slasher, and Travis Gafford get you up to date with Day 2 at MLG Dallas.
X360 04 Nov 2012
GameSpot AU's Shipping Out - November 5, 2012
What games are out in Australia this week? Will you be assuming the role of Master Chief or Commander Shepard? The choice is yours!
PC 04 Nov 2012