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Dungeon Siege Q&A

"We've got an interview with designer Chris Taylor on the upcoming role-playing game."

As some of the latest D&D PC games have demonstrated, a few RPGs are starting to blur the lines between the traditional RPG and real-time strategy genres. Gas Powered Games' upcoming RPG, Dungeon Siege, looks as though it will continue to transcend these two categories. But that comes as no surprise since Chris Taylor, the creator of Dungeon Siege, is also responsible for constructing Total Annihilation, an immensely popular real-time strategy game released in 1997. Basic gameplay elements that you might find in real-time strategy games, like customizable group formations, are also found in Dungeon Siege. In addition, you have to pay attention to the skills of the characters in your party and position them in certain areas during battle to make them more effective. Dungeon Siege also features an impressive graphics engine that allows for lush, organic outdoor environments and dark and sinister dungeons. More importantly, the engine also does away with loading time in between zones, making the transition between environments seamless. We recently had a chance to speak with Taylor about the game, and he covered topics like character creation, multiplayer modes, and how development is progressing.

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GameSpot: What stage are you at in development?

Chris Taylor: We are in the final stage of development, where we are adding all the little details. Tuning and balancing is starting to become the number-one priority, and a ton of bug fixing!

GS: Was there ever a problem with constantly wanting to add new features to the game, or did the development team stick pretty close to the original plan?

CT: Ha! Stick to the original plan, that's a good one! Seriously, we all know that you can't finish a game unless you stop adding features, and believe me, we all want to finish the game. The complete feature set within Dungeon Siege will make it the best RPG this fall.

GS: A strong part of Dungeon Siege's gameplay is that you can construct a character class by simply reusing specific skills. Is it possible to build up a character with strong magic skills and then train him or her to be a strong melee fighter?

CT: Absolutely. The only thing you need to be careful of here is making a character who is a "jack of all trades." The character design works really well because it challenges players to make a choice and stick to it, but there is nothing stopping them from changing their mind at any time as they play.

Posted on Jul 04, 2001