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The Amazing Spider-Man [PS3]

A great sense of flow and immersion helps set this game from bad movie-tie ins.


Time Spent:
10 Hours or Less
The Bottom Line:


In 2004, a 12 year old saw the movie Spiderman 2, loved it, and bought the game. Spiderman 2 : The Movie The Game was so good that it was just as good as the movie. Why? Because Spiderman 2 had something all the other Spiderman games didn't have, an open world, and a fast, flowing, exhillirating web slinging mechanic that was more fun then any other super hero game before. But, one thing that game was terrible at was combat. It was sticky, flow breaking, and dull. Since then, there has been Spiderman 3, Spiderman Web Of Shadows, Spiderman Shattered Dimensions, and Spiderman Edge Of Time. All of which were total **** on a sandwich. They weren't very good because none had a open world, and none a solid webslinging mechanic, and most were very linear.

BUT, Beenox finally decided to go back to the web slinging, open world, and with better combat. And more often then not, the game was very addicting because of the web slinging, which is incredibly immersive. The combat however, is ripped straight out of Batman AC, which I really didn't care for that game's combat either. Anyways, the stealth is also pulled from Batman, which IS good. Now, the game is easy. When I mean easy, I mean, EASY. You should get through this game with less then 3 deaths. HOWEVER, if you watch The Escapist's Jimquisition, game journalist Jim Sterling, created a new kind of difficulty called, "Kirby difficulty", where getting through the campaign by itself is easy, but the unlockables are expertly hidden and are really cool to get. In The Amazing Spiderman, their are 700 comic book pages all around the city you can collect. 700! This makes the game go from 10 hours of gameplay, to 25+ hours of gameplay! What's really cool though, is that you can actually read the comic books! That's an awesome way to stretch out the game time!

So, all in all, the open world, the web slinging, the stealth all make this purchase a great one, and sets itself from the usual movie-tie in garbage.

Is Our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man Back?


Just Right
Time Spent:
10 to 20 Hours
The Bottom Line:
"Almost, but not quite"


The Amazing Spider-man is a continuation of the story from the upcoming moving "The Amazing Spider-man" (Who would have thunk it?). But can we label this game as a fail for being a movie game like all other movie games before it? For one thing, the Amazing Spider-man starts off as a sort of sequel to the first. True it is set in the same time line as the movie, but it has a story all on its own.

The Graphics on this game are great. I wouldn't say amazing, but neither would I say that it was a let down. Manhattan has a much better look to it compared to the other games.

But we didn't buy the game solely for the graphics. What entices us so much as a group to Spider-man video games is the ability to web sling our way through the city. Good news everybody! We do have free roam and can web sling around the city. We also have a new web sling approach called "Web Rush". Web Rush is not a requirement. It does make the game easier though. And you don't have to hold down the button to stay in Web Rush. You can be like me and resort to Web Rush as being a reflex rather than a way to slow down time and pin-point your next destination. Our regular web slinging ability, I'm afraid to say, have been set to "cruise control." We no longer have the ability to hold on to one web line and rock back and forth. Holding down the Web Sling ability causes Spider-man to swing from building to building on default. As nice as this is, I would much rather have to let go and press the trigger again for a new web line in case I need to go back or if I want to run up buildings while a line of web in my hands.

When I heard that they were taking a book out of Batman Arkham Asylum/City combat I was excited. And playing the game, it is quite familiar. However, don't go in expecting to be as much of a brute force as Batman. For one thing, it took me a while to get familiar with the "Signature Move" that you're able to perform after a certain number of combo's. To me, the combat is more difficult and less fluid-like compared to Batman Arkham Asylum/City. What is nice though, is the developers put in a "Web Retreat" in case you're too wounded for battle. Web Retreat does exactly what it says. It makes Spider-man retreat so you can hold off the fighting and regain health.

Story line isn't that bad. Like I said, they're not duplicating the first movie, but rather creating a sequel. Oscorp has been performing Cross-Species, thanks to the research of Dr. Conners, and now they have a good amount of them. Yet, this wasn't what Smythe wanted. It turns out they can infect humans with contact and turn them into Cross-Species themselves. He aimed to have these Cross-Species experiments destroyed, but when Peter Parker got a "tour" of the facility, all the experiments went crazy. They sensed that Peter was one of their own and they all got loose. To prevent an epidemic from occurring, Smythe implemented the use of his robots to neutralize all the Cross-Species. Being a Cross-Species himself, Spider-man must watch out for robots as he goes Cross-Species hunting.

I'd give this game an 8/10. There are a couple of better Spider-man games out there, but there are definitely a lot more worse Spider-man games. You do get some costumes for fulfilling certain criteria (Default, Belt-less, and Classic are the three you start off with). I certainly recommend this to any and all Spider-man fans as you will find yourself swinging through Manhattan for hours helping civilians and enjoying, once again, being a free bird...or in this case a free spider.