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The Amazing Spider-Man [X360]

The Amazing Spider-man


Time Spent:
10 Hours or Less
The Bottom Line:


... lives up to its name. I've only played it for a little while, but I haven't loved the web-swinger this much since Spider-Man 2! The city's big and has tons to do, and while I wish more story missions took place outdoors, this movie tie-in is exceptional.

Sure, it's not the greatest video game ever, but with Beenox's track record, I was concerned about this one. But they've proven that given room to breathe, Spidey is at his finest.

The combat is very close to Batman: Arkham Asylum, but because Arkham City is more recent and expansive than the original, everyone will say this is subpar, even though it's fine for what it needs to be.

Finally, the Stan Lee mission is fun, and hearing his voiceovers is a hoot! (Yes, I just used the word hoot, so sue me!)

If you're a Spider-Man fan, buy this game!

Spider-Man for kiddies. Wait for the price to drop to $20, it shouldn't be too long.


Very Easy
Time Spent:
10 to 20 Hours
The Bottom Line:


I am a HUGE Spider-Man fan, having played almost every Spider-Man iteration to come out for consoles. I was beyond excited for this game and pre-ordered it when I heard about it. I feel it is my duty to warn gamers that this game WILL take control for you.

It swings for you (simply hold down the Right Trigger for as long as you want to swing and go to town), and it even MOVES for you (if you hit the Web Rush button).

In terms of the story though, it is a really good story for a Spider-Man game (key words: for a Spider-Man game). The characters are very believable, and the voice acting is excellent.

The graphics are hands down the best ever seen in a free roam Spider-Man game. The city looks great, and the animations look great, but who buys a game just for graphics? (Don't say anything you PC gamers...)

In terms of free roam gameplay, the free roam aspect of this game simply doesn't deliver. I didn't think the swinging mechanic would be that bad, but simply holding down the Right Trigger? Really Beenox? You literally just hold down the Right Trigger and turn the Left Analog Stick in which ever direction you want to swing. Sadly, this is just not fun at all. The city looks great, but what's the point if you're not having fun swinging? I want to be in control, not the game. Combat is fun, but way too simple. I can't stress enough, the entire game is WAY TOO SIMPLE. It seems Beenox wanted to make a Spider-Man game that a three year old could play, because honestly, a toddler could probably beat this game. To make matters worse, at least 90% of the story levels are indoors. Spidey is an outdoors kind of guy! The fun in being Spider-Man is leaping off of buildings, beating up bad guys on the sides of walls or in the air, and swinging around taking them out. Let him kick butt outside!

Unfortunately, The Amazing Spider-Man does not deliver what I was expecting out the game. I like to be in control and feel like I am in control when I play video games. This game simply does not make me feel like I am in control. It takes my hand and leads me through the entire game. I want to feel like I am Spider-Man, but the game does so much of the controlling that you don't feel like Spider-Man hardly at all. For those who want an extremely simple, albeit fun at times Spider-Man game, this one could be your game. But be warned, I do not in the least, think this game is worth $60. I advise you to wait to rent it or at least to wait until the price drops. I took mine to Games N Things and got $35 in-store credit :) I still don't think this game was worth the other $25 though. I urge you, wait until the price drops on this one. Honestly, it shouldn't be that long until the price goes down. Cheers.