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Hitman: Sniper Challenge [PS3]

Better than episode 1, but still not worthy of sonic 3 and knuckles sequel.


Just Right
Time Spent:
10 Hours or Less
The Bottom Line:
"Almost, but not quite"


This game is very good, (when compared to Sonic 4 Episode 1) but it still is not as good or even remotely good as Sonic 3 and Knuckles. I bought this game, because I am a die hard sonic fan and love the series no matter how bad it gets.

Well everyone wants to talk about the physics. Well, they are better then Episode 1, but definitely not close to the Genesis games. How hard could it be for Sega to take the physics coding from the Genesis games and throw it into these modern 2.5 game? I do not code game and neither do I know how, but since Sega has not done it, I assume it is quite hard.

Does Sonic maintain ball form of a cliff, yes
Does Sonic gain momentum when rolling down a hill, Yes. Though not like the Sega games,

Overall the game does feel like a polished over Episode 1, though they claim the physics is all new. I don't believe it. It feels more polished than new.

The addition of Tails is a welcome and does not hurt the game in any way, but give you a new set of moves to use. Which is a welcome.

Interestingly the boss fights are actually challenging, but yet fun and require some skill and though process.

You should buy this game if you have 15 dollars lying around and want to play a fun platformer.

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