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The Walking Dead: Episode 1 - A New Day [PS3]

The Walking Dead continually asks the question, "what would you do to survive?" and then forces you to choose!


Editors' Choice
Just Right
Time Spent:
10 to 20 Hours
The Bottom Line:


It's a world that has suddenly and without reason, become overrun with the reanimated bodies of dead people but it isn't a zombie survival horror game. Sure it has gore and lots of blood everywhere, but this is the story of human survival. It really is the human side of the 'zombie outbreak' scenario. Before I get into the 'meat' of the game, I want to make one thing perfectly clear. This is not some big budget game with a larger than life protagonist, an endless amount of weapons, upgrades, online multiplayer etc. It was never meant to be any of those things. Its a moderately priced small budget gaming experience. $5 an episode, season 1 has 5 episodes, and if you buy them all upfront you save 5 bucks by only paying $20 instead of $25! You can't go wrong!!

So when a game reviewer calls the gameplay of a title like this 'shallow' it makes me wonder just what the hell did he think he was going to be reviewing! I mean c'mon now, the entire first episode was less than 500 MB. And the camera angles are actually pretty good. They show you enough to get around but not so much that you become too comfortable with your environment. The camera angles are typical of those found in Telltale games and feel similar to R.E. Code Veronica. A look similar to a pre-rendered background but with a camera that follows you a little bit too.

You have to go into this game knowing that it isn't Dead Island or Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil. What it is though, is a very well made game with simple control mechanics, an engaging well developed story and fantastic cell shaded comic book style visuals. Something that this game does exceptionally well is that it constantly presents decision making scenarios that have both immediate and distant future rewards and/or consequences. These choices are mostly emotion based: who will you trust - who will you help - who will you lie to - who will you be honest with and who will you save - etc. Its just the sort of human to human development that most, if not all, zombie games lack. And its not just as simple as choosing yes or no either. Your choices often have a time limit so you can't think too long about the possible outcome of your decisions. In most cases you have to make a choice and deal with the outcome. Your choices greatly affect your alliances and relationships with the people around you.

This game is about people, not zombies. Good people. Bad people. People with emotions, people with problems, people with secrets. People who will do just about anything to survive. Its a game that keeps on asking the question, "what would you do to survive?" and then forces you choose! Its a gem of a game and for the price, its a must buy.