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this game is completely different with better combat new gun looks new settings the only thing that's a let down is XBLA


Editors' Choice
Just Right
Time Spent:
10 to 20 Hours
The Bottom Line:


Concept: make the follow up to the immersive city of rapture and make it one of the best games of the century.

Graphics: the graphics have not changed one bit but that's not completely bad though the first visit to rapture was more immersive

Sound: the groan of a big daddy the scream of a little sister or the footsteps of a splicer or stomp or a brute can send shivers down you excited spine though the sound is not evened out like in the first one with loud explosion and the message tapes and radio signals sounding like a whisper in your ear and the entertainment suffers from this. but the music is as good as always

Playability: the combat which was perfect in the first game is even better in the second

Entertainment: i don't know what the critics are talking about the settings are brand new the weapons are new and have different looks to the though the plasmids are the same. this game has more cinematic experiences and doesn't leave you to feel lonely like the first game did. you'll have a heck of a time playing this game

Replay Value: Moderate

the multiplayer is very frustrating with it putting you up against players who may be 30 levels higher then you and the reward system doesn't feel that rewarding like it did in Call Of Duty with the players not dying to easily brings frustration. but it is still better then and multiplayer

you are put in the shoes of subject delta . his goal? to find his little sister Eleanor lamb. the story wasn't as compelling as the first but it is more understandable. i don't want to tell you to much but the end has a shocking conclusion with a view from the little sister How? find out for your self. the first ones conclusion was better though but the jerks at gamespot spoiled it from you in one of there videos!

Reture trip to Repture, could it be worth it?


Just Right
Time Spent:
10 to 20 Hours
The Bottom Line:
"Almost, but not quite"


Well it's been over a year since the release of the game. I got the special edition as a gift, which I love. Anyway this is about the game. So is the game worth the price or is it just Bioshock with a 2 in the title?

Will it is Bioshock, which is clear from the look of the game. This game takes the story of the fall of Andrew Ryan and continues with it. Your not the character from the first game, which is good from how the first game ends. This time round you get to stomp the remains of the ruin utopia as a Big Daddy.

You lose your little sister in the beginning and have to fight tooth and nail to get her back. What a journey it is that you must go on. You'll see more of the city then before, both inside and on your little strolls outside the walls. Which means the game looks amazing. The new damage the city sustained from your first rampage is evident. There is more plant life in the city and color. This give you more to look at then just a dark, gloomy hallway or room. Outside the world is expanded and you can see fish and some plants. The scale of the city is amazing to finally see. The towers are really big and when you stand up next to it you can imagine the scale difference.

The story is not as shocking as the first game. There is not phrase or speech on choice. The story is you looking for your little sister and getting her back. But the story does have its moments where you can choose to let someone live or not. Depending on what you do the game will change the story. You also have to save or harvest the little sister or take her gathering and then choose what to do with her at a vent. This also effects the game just like the first game, but wit your quest for your own little sister the choose may weigh a little more.

Sound in the game is impressive. The score is amazing just like Bioshock. You get the tense and the relax from the pace of the music. The guns sound strong and the plasmids are all different. If your in a quiet part of the city you get to hear your heavy footsteps and jumping sounds like it should if you were really wearing the diving suit.

The game is not going to make your forget how good the first game was. It will make you enjoy the story, and help you understand the first game more. You'll get a look into the mind of Ryan and some of the other characters from Bioshock. Not to say that the new patch are terrible, but not many of them really stand out like Ryan or Cohen. They were bigger then life and the only one that could join them would be Gil Alexander. That level is hard to explain. He is hard to explain to someone that has not played the game. His story is one that will stay with you.

With a story that should hold your interest and graphic that look amazing this game is worth your time. It should clock in under 20 hours, unless you take your time or have some trouble in your gathering setup plans. The trip back is worth it even thou your not going to be shocked, you remember it.

An extremely enjoyable, unique FPS game that is a must-play.


Editors' Choice
Just Right
Time Spent:
20 to 40 Hours
The Bottom Line:


9.0/10 Superb

The Good:
+ Lengthy, fun, and memorable single-player campaign
+ Lots of plasmids, tonics, and guns
+ Several ways to play the campaign, and many choices to make compel you to return to the campaign after you complete it
+ Terrifically voice acted and immersing story
+ Challenging, but never frustrating
+ Very enjoyable and unique multiplayer experience

The Bad:
- Not particularly creepy or scary
- Many of the guns don't have a sense of impact
- Some framerate problems (only played on 360)
- Online play suffers from lag

BioShock 2 is a fantastic game that deserves significantly more praise then it was given. An extremely memorable, lengthy, and fun single player campaign and solid, unique multiplayer experience combine to give a game that definitely deserves your attention.

The single-player campaign is one of the best I've played, with a great amount of leeway for how you wish to play the game. Whether you use the electric plasmid over the incinerate plasmid, whether you lay traps or rely on your weapons alone, whether you use stealth as much as you can or go in guns blazing, and whether you restore the Little Sisters to their human form or harvest their life are not even all of the choices you can make. There are lots of plasmids (superhuman-like powers), tonics (static abilities that assist you in many different ways), and guns to play around with to make sure you play the way you want.

The campaign is delightfully lengthy, clocking in at around 10-12 hours long. To make things even better, the multitude and sometimes magnitude of your choices will compel you to play it again once completed, adding a significant degree of replayability. The very unique, yet still fun and addicting multiplayer only further adds onto the length of the game's life.

The multiplayer has you taking on the role of pre-insanity splicers in the civil war that contributed to the fall of Rapture. The familiar Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and a Halo's-Oddball-esque gametypes combines with the new and refreshing combination of gunplay, plasmid-slinging, and the occasional Big Daddy to make this multiplayer experience familiar and accessible, yet memorable and unique.

However, like all games, BioShock 2 has its flaws. The game isn't particularly creepy, eerie, or even at times frightening like its predecessor. A lot of the game's weapons lack a sense of impact, as well. The feeling of weakness that comes when you continually pump lead into a foe with your machine gun only to be rewarded with the enemy simply falling down is only partially offset by the incredibly satisfying, impaling, and wall-pinning Spear Gun. The explosive weapons, however, don't really suffer from this lack of a sense of impact. Another nagging issue is the presence of some framerate problems. Thankfully, though, an in-game option does its best to keep framerate high at the minor loss of graphic quality, which I didn't even really notice.

The online multiplayer unfortunately uses the unreliable and outdated P2P network system instead of the dedicated-server system. This means one player in particular will be "host" and this results in varying connections. Significant lag, as in most games nowadays, isn't uncommon in online play.

Overall, these many pros and few cons come together to give a game that is very unique, yet familiar, and incredibly fun and enjoyable.

The return trip to Rapture is as good if not better than the original.


Editors' Choice
Just Right
Time Spent:
100 or More Hours
The Bottom Line:


Video Review at-

Release- 2/9/10

Platforms- 360, PC, PS3

Gamespot Score- 8.5

When Bioshock was released back in 2007, it was met with great praise including several Game of the Year Awards from across the gaming universe. So you can imagine the pressure on Bioshock 2 to deliver when it was released 3 years later. Most critics reviewed the game positively yet none viewed it at the Bioshock 1 Level. I however strongly disagree. Bioshock 2 has improved on nearly everything that made the original great along with new features that allow the game to stand out.

I'll start things off with the story. One critic complaint stated that the story was not as tightly woven as the original. I never understood this since with Bioshock 2, you had a character that wasn't just a slave, NPCs that felt real and more interactive moments. All of which give off the that its all real and the characters have actual opinions of your actions. For instance, one character absolutely hates you, but after proving that you're more than just a mindless killing machine, she warms up to you and actually helps you throughout the game. Aside from that, you play as Subject Delta, a prototype Big Daddy who was forced to kill himself 10 years earlier. He is now alive again for mysterious reasons and he is on a mission to find his former Little Sister, Eleanor Lamb, so they can escape to the surface. together. The only thing standing in your way is Sofia Lamb and her Splicer followers known as the Family.

Weapons are extremely fun to use alongside plasmids since they can be combined to create various combinations. For instance, you can freeze the enemy with Winter Blast followed by a drill dash to shatter them. Another major improvement is the use of Tonics. No longer are you confined to different catagories. You can now have any amount of any type you want to fit your play s,tyle. This could be maybe hacking, or research, or combat. All major plasmids return from the first game and can be upgraded to be more powerful. You must purchase slots in your inventory for each plasmid and tonic which costs ADAM. Using plasmids costs EVE which can be replenished using Hypos.

In order to get ADAM, you must deal with Little Sisters which sounds easy if there weren't something in your way. Something large and powerful and violent. The Big Daddy is a genetically altered human in a metal suit who will defend his Little Sister at all ocsts even if he dies trying. But eliminating him is no easy task. There are three types of Big Daddies. Bouncer, who uses a drill to come in close and overpower you, the Rosie, who uses a rivet gun and proximity mines to fight you at a distance, and the Rumbler, who uses mini turrets and a rocket launcher to do heavy damage. Each Big Daddy is different and takes different strategies to deal with so prepare accordingly. Once you have the Little Sister, you can either adopt or harvest her. Harvesting eliminates her right away and gives you the maximum amount of ADAM but you have to live with the fact that you killed an innocent victim. If not, adopting allows you to take her around with you and gather ADAM from corpses. once she's done you cna take her to a vent and either save her to get some ADAM or have one last opportunity to harvest the ADAM.

After dealing with each Little Sister in an area, you will come face to face with your bifggest challenge. The Big Sisters are former Little Sisters who are sworn to protect the new Little Sisters and she's not happy to have you messing with her Little Sisters. She acts as a boss fight and requires preparation before the fight. She also gives off ADAM when you defeat her.

Splicers are the most common enemy you face. They are Thuggish, who use blunt objects, Leadhead, who use guns, Houdini, who teleport, and Brutes, who's name says it all. Each must be handled differently.

The newest feature of the game is the Multiplayer. You choose one of the characters, customize a loadout with weapons, plasmids, and tonics, and jump into battle. You level up as you gain kills and complete challenges. With each level you earn new toys to use against your enemies. Some game modes include Civil War (Team Deathmatch) and a Capture the Flag variation called Capture the Sister. Some game types have one player randomly selected to become the Big Daddy while others include a suit randomly appearing on the map which a player can put on to give their team a huge advantage.

FINAL BITE- Bioshoch 2is a great sequel that improveson almost every aspect of the original.

Gamer Shark Score- 10/10


Hard, epic and in 3D!


Very Hard
Time Spent:
10 Hours or Less
The Bottom Line:
"Grows on you"


Well, this game is probably one of the best 3DS games i own (which isn't much when you look at the 3DS games so far).

Story: I can't really make a comment on this because i haven't played any previous Shinobi games but i must say i liked the animations in between levels. I don't know how he got from feudal Japan to a futuristic city either.

Graphics: Best you can expect for a hand-held console but in my opinion it looks better in 3D. Sometimes it's difficult to see everything happening because of the scale of the view but that may well be my crappy eye sight.

Difficult: This is what got me. I had a very hard time learning all the controls and stuff to get through the first level :P. Even though i selected easy, i still die in every level a few times before i proceed. Summing up, this game is hard.

Controls: Once you get the hang of it they work quite well and don't feel awkward at all.

Levels: Each level is unique in its own way. However they can get a bit repetitive i.e. enemies throwing stuff, you dodging and repeat. That being said, i find the level bosses unique and it's fun to try and find their weakness.

So in conclusion i give this game an 8.5. If you have some spare money around the place or are looking to expand your 3D collection i say buy it, but try not to bust your 3DS due frustration :P.