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Dead Space 3 demo hits 2 million downloads

"EA reveals nearly 2 million gamers across Xbox Live and PlayStation Network tried out upcoming action game."

The public Dead Space 3 demo was downloaded nearly 2 million times across Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, Electronic Arts has announced. This represents a double-digit increase over the demo for Dead Space 2, EA said. The Dead Space 3 demo launched January 22.

EA also claimed that during last week, gamers mentioned Dead Space 3 more than 100,000 times across various social media. The game's Facebook page netted 90,000 new "likes."

In addition, EA said last week during a financial call that Dead Space 3 preorders are outpacing those of Dead Space 2, though no specific figures were divulged.

Dead Space 3 launches tomorrow in North America for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, with a European launch slated for February 8. Those who preorder the PC digital version through Origin will receive the original Dead Space for free.

Eddie Makuch
By Eddie Makuch, News Editor

Eddie Makuch (Mack-ooh) is a News Editor at GameSpot. He works out of the company's Boston office in Somerville, Mass., and loves extra chunky peanut butter.

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I got it from piratebay,     full!!!!!!!!!!, piracy is good for test purpose, im gonna buy it, sure its a good game !!!!!!!!

jark888 1 Like

Another game that doesn't really need demo.


Have you guys seen the leak ending by any chance it was rumored to be like mass effect all over again...can someone clear this up


"upcoming action game."

I miss the days when survival horror games were survival horror games.


Does Dead Space 3 have Co-op offline?


i downloaded it, played it to the end, uninstalled and won't be buying it. the number of people who did the same is probably more important


l tried dead space 3 didn't enjoy the blizzard scene l couldn't see much 


everyone seem to forget that steve papoutsis is the guy who gave the green light on reducing necromorph health by half in ds2 so yes this series has already been toned down. a lot!


The demo didn't really get me interested into the game.  I jumped when they came out of the snow the first time, but the second time I saw it coming.  If anything the demo showed how the game has changed from 1 till now.  I think that making guns is cool but from what I played from the demo, you only collect one type of ammo and it works for all of the guns?  If that is true then (and I'm not just crazy) then I will just beef up one gun and just run with that for the whole game.  In the first game, they would give you a diverse set of ammo and you had to use almost all of the guns in your arsenal. 

Let me say this.  Dead Space 3 won't be a bad games.  It just won't be a good Dead Space game.  The first game isolated you.  I felt trapped, alone, and lost.  I kinda felt that in 2, and playing the demo for 3, I just didn't feel it.

daBrokenFace 3 Like

It is terrible that pausing the game in co-op will pause the other player's game, soo annoying

NTM23 3 Like

@daBrokenFace Now that's what I call co-op. You also have to spend time in the option menu together, ha ha.


"Those who preorder the PC digital version through Origin will receive the original Dead Space for free."

Poor bastards, such a bad port.

NTM23 1 Like

@SteamyPotatoes It's not bad, it runs much faster and looks a bit better than the console versions, and you can always use a controller which would help those that don't like the keyboard and mouse set-up. My only problem with it was that it didn't have the cool DLC the console versions had, at least no when I played through it.

krbrown10 4 Like

Dead Space ....amazing survival with little ammo making every shot count, amazing shoot at the legs mechanic increasing panic if you are a hair off and ammo is just being wasted, amazing weapons, amazing scary environment,  amazing armor, amazing music, amazing characters, amazing lighting, amazing graphics, amazing necromorphs, amazing feeling of loneliness, amazing unlockables, amazingly fun minigames and finally amazing story! repeat amazing engrossing story! 

Dead Space 3 is as far as it gets from the above mentioned, it is not worthy of the Dead Space name your $60 and pick up Dead Space 1 for $10, enjoy your 25+ hours of life changing gameplay.  

NTM23 2 Like

@krbrown10 I disagree with all of that except for the fact that Dead Space is awesome. First off, you don't have to conserve ammo as much as that in Dead Space, and you don't know what Dead Space 3 has in store so you can't say that it's far from it, and Dead Space in one playthrough is nowhere near 25+ hours, not even a second time through, maybe twice through. I'll save my money for sure though, well, for today so I can get Dead Space 3 tomorrow. :D

Mr_Big_Boss 4 Like

I heard this full price game will feature DLC and micro-transactions. They just sold me into not buying the game.

petez34 1 Like

@Mr_Big_Boss So because a game has mt's available you aren't buying the game? lolol you do know mt's are optional, right?

strawberry9 10 Like

Too bad the Demo showed how garbage of a game Dead Space 3 is.... Good job EA, you ruined another good franchise by taking out the interesting aspects and making it generic.

*slow clap*


The Demo had me on edge a bit! I like the whole crafting they put into it and enjoyed wasting my precious ammo on the new Necromorphs. I would have thought I learned during the first two games. The creatures seem a bit more durable now.