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London 2012 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games [PC]

Sega to close five European, Australian offices

"Publisher’s streamlining strategy sees it shut down offices in France, Germany, Spain, Australia, and Benelux; outsourcing distribution to third parties. "

Sega will shut down five publishing offices on July 1, the firm announced today, and will be outsourcing distribution in these regions to third parties. The move will not affect developers, who continue to work on Sega's key titles.

Sega will close offices in July.

Sega will close offices in July.

"Sega is entering a new and exciting phase that will position the company as a content led organisation maximising sales with strong and balanced IP such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Total War, Football Manager and the Aliens franchise," Sega Europe COO Jurgen Post said in the company's announcement. "The company will benefit from a clear focus and realigned strategy for our digital business and packaged goods and we are confident that this will lead to a successful future."

The territories to be shuttered are France, Germany, Spain, Australia, and Benelux. Distribution responsibilities from the five offices will be assumed by Koch Media, Level03 Distribution, and 5 Star Games, while all other territories will continue to be managed by Sega's European headquarters in London.

The move comes after an announcement earlier in the year that Sega was halving its expected revenue, predicting losses of $86.4 million. It also cancelled several unnamed titles in response to the "rapid change" occurring in the gaming market.

Sega has confirmed that its plans for distribution and promotion of London 2012 - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games will not change, and the game will be released as planned at the end of June.

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KimCheeWarriorX 8 pts

seeing sega slowly circling the drain like this makes me yearn for the days of the sega genesis, saturn, and dreamcast. im a bit nostalgic towards sega because my first system was a sega master system and id always been a bit more partial to sega systems while they were still developing them. its really sad to see such a fine game company who had such potential slowly sink in the quicksand. im hoping this isnt the end.

CTR360 19 pts


NoelXYuel 17 pts

How hard is it to make a multiplatform "Ultra" PuyoPop Fever? Give it the ability to allow 8 player online play. 7 players offline on the PS3 (since it allows up to 7 players). And release it worldwide. I love that game, and it doesn't seem that hard to develop.

hadlee73 248 pts

Unfortunately this is just the reality of the current market. No matter how much people may want certain game titles, if their IP isn't strong enough to bring enough sales in the current economic climate then there's no point making them. Its one of the reasons why Nintendo have been so successful by sticking with the same old faces rather than trying something different.

shayan_47 13 pts

After few years, the only companies that will survive are ACTIVISION and EA

kohle36 56 pts

Nooooooo!!! Now I'll officially never see another Valkyria Chronicles on console. PSP time, I guess? Damn, where do I even get one?

JediKnight66 14 pts

RIP Valkyria Chronicles... :(

JimmeyBurrows 137 pts

Really wish they'd stayed in the console business, Gamegear was basically the best handheld until the psp was made (obviously going too far there, but Nintendo really kept the handheld consoles cheap and crap for a good long while...) and the Dreamcast was basically better than everything, but thanks to poor marketing I didn't even find out about it until they'd gone bust, lol. Pretty sure they could have made something wonderful this gen, but their games are too average to make me see them as outstanding developers.

GamespotSux_IKR 27 pts


 I still have my Dreamcast <3 ..I seen them at a buy/sell place for 20 bucks...SNES's was 45

GamespotSux_IKR 27 pts


chevydriver1123 8 pts

Sucks to see this but they got to do what they got to do to stay in business. Also with this news I still don't see how any of the so-called Orbi rumors are true.

Megavideogamer 147 pts

Sega is failing as a third party software developer?. Or it is just a tough ecomony. Hopefully Sega will not completely die out.

NeoIostars 66 pts

The biggest problem with Sega, IMO, is that they suck at marketing their games. The Yakuza games, the recent Virtua Fighter 5 FS (which are huge franchises in Japan) was released abroad with nary a marketing campaign in major gaming sites (at least, none that I know of). It's almost as if they don't want people to notice their game.

ItsEvolution 13 pts

Whoring out Sonic for the last 11 years is the only thing keeping them alive.

USDevilDog 25 pts

Dear Sega, please give us Skies of Arcadia II, Phantasy Star 5 proper, Streets of Rage 4, Panzer Dragoon 4, and, above all, Shenmue 3. I promise you they will become profitable ventures.

y3ivan 101 pts

 USDevilDog panzer dragoon is currently in progress title. It should be out by late 2012 for x360

Agelu 22 pts

I wouldn't want Sega to die; but I just find so hypocrite when companies that are going down call their desperate moves "exciting" to the public.

leeko_link 177 pts

Don't die yet Sega, you still had to give me more of these: Shinobi, Shenmue, Shining Series, Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe, Ristar, Streets of Rage, Vectorman, Last Bronx, Virtua Fighter, Valkyria Chronicles, Skies of Arcadia, Evolution World, Billy Hatcher, Phantasy Star, Daytona, Fighting Vipers, Vanquish, Alpha Protocol, Light Crusader, Panzer Dragoon, Stalker Series, Burning Rangers, After Burner, Bug!, Baku Baku, Seaman, Space Harrier, Outrun, Resonance of Fate, Infinite Space, Altered Beast, The Ooze, Bayonetta, Sands of Destruction, Jet Grind Radio Future, Comix Zone, Virtua Striker, Alex Kidd, Blazing Heroes, Space Channel 5, Samba de Amigo, Thunder Force, ChuChu Rocket!, ToeJam & Earl, Virtua Cop, Yakuza, Clockwork Knight, Eternal Champions, Super Monkey Ball, The House of the Dead, Gunstar Heroes, Guardian Heroes, NiGHTS!, Fantasy Zone, Wonder Boy, Puyo Puyo, Columns, Gain Ground, Thunder Blade, Lord of the Sword, Sword of Vermilion, Super Hang-On, Virtua Racing, Oasis Series, Bonanza Bros., Ecco the Dolphin, Sky Target, Radiant Silvergun, Deep Fear, Crazy Taxi, Madworld, etc.

RabidBurp 57 pts


Streets of Rage 4 plz

ratedr89 5 pts

as long as they dun delay yakuza 5 it's fine


Drakillion 86 pts

Yo SEGA! Yeah, you forgot about Valkyria Chronicles man!

Posted on Jun 28, 2012



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