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Final Fantasy IV Advance [GBA]

Final Fantasy IV coming to GBA

"Fourth installment of legendary Square Enix series shrinking down on Game Boy Advance."

With all eyes focused squarely on the Tokyo Game Show and Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's possibly "revolutionary" keynote, news out of Nintendo's camps (and many publisher's camps, for that matter) seemed unlikely. However, Nintendo did announce one game today, a portable version of Final Fantasy IV. The game is scheduled for release on December 12 for the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Micro.

The game will be a portable version of the game that was first featured on the SNES in 1991 (known to US gamers as Final Fantasy II), and will feature the music, adventuring, and plot of the original. There will be some additions to the game, such as new areas and new characters with different abilities.

This isn't the first Final Fantasy game for the Game Boy Advance. Nintendo previously brought portable versions of the first two installments of the series in 2004, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance in 2003.

Posted on Sep 14, 2005