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Odin Sphere rolls into stores May 22

"Atlus set to bring Princess Crown developer's PS2 action RPG to the US within a week of its Japanese release."

Atlus today hammered down a release date for its latest import offering for the PlayStation 2, Odin Sphere.

The action role-playing game from Japanese studio Vanilla Ware will be released in the US on May 22, less than a week after its May 17 debut in Japan. Vanilla Ware is known for its Sega Saturn game Princess Crown, and its current projects also include the PS2 real-time strategy game Grim Grimoire.

In Odin Sphere, players take on the role of warrior princess Gwendolyn and must help stop a bloody feud between fairies and warriors. Atlus is promising more than 40 hours of gameplay, and players will be able to play the game with Japanese or English voice actors. Odin Sphere has been rated T for Teen.

Posted on Apr 18, 2007