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New media: Dark Cloud

"See several new screenshots from the English version of Sony's Dark Cloud."

GameSpot brings you several new video clips from the English version of Dark Cloud for the Sony PlayStation 2. This first-party PS2 game is in the adventure-RPG genre and includes six playable characters. The main character Toan is joined by Goro, Ungaga, Ruby, Shao, and Shida. Toan begins the game on his own, but the other characters are introduced as the game progresses. Each has his or her own agenda and unique weapons and skills.

The video clip shows three distinct elements from the early stages of the game. They highlight a simple battle, a waterfall in one of the game's spacious environments, and a cutscene. They can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate links below. Dark Cloud is currently on schedule to be released sometime near end of May.

Posted on Apr 25, 2001