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Final Resident Evil Movie Much More Gritty and Raw, Milla Jovovich Says

"Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, the last movie in the long-running zombie action series (at least for now), has been described by lead actress Milla Jovovich as "much more gritty and raw" than 2012's Resident Evil: Retribution."

During a Twitter Q&A today, a fan asked what makes The Final Chapter special. Jovovich, who returns as Alice in the movie, said: "Its [sic] much more gritty and raw than the last one. The action is in your face and very realistic. No slow motion."

She answered loads of questions as part of the Q&A. Below are some of topics she covered, while you can visit her Twitter page to see all of her replies.

The Final Chapter is set to be released in January 2017, and is once more directed by Paul WS Anderson, Jovovich's husband. The previous Resident Evil film, 2012's Retribution, grossed $240 million worldwide, and the series has to date made more than $915 million globally.

On Saying Goodbye:

On Alice:

Director Paul WS Anderson Will Start Editing Soon:

Reaction To The On-Set Tragedy:

Talking Up the Action Sequences:

She's Working on a George RR Martin Project Next:


Posted on Aug 28, 2017