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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Crypt of the NecroDancer Review
<p dir="ltr" style="">You're tapping the arrow keys along with the beat, avoi..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Broken Age: Act 2 Review
<p dir="ltr" style="">The first time I visited Meriloft in Broken Age: Act 1, it w..
PC 6.0 01 Jan 1970
Galactic Civilizations III Review
<p style="">It's difficult to wrap your head around how large the universe is. It'..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Last Word Review
<p style="">In Last Word’s prim and proper world, words speak louder than actions, and com..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Action Henk Review
<p style=""><em>Editor's note: Due to a discrepancy between the version of the ga..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Invisible, Inc. Review
<p dir="ltr" style="">When I was growing up, I always found myself surrounded by k..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Not A Hero Review
<p style="">It's election season. How will you campaign for mayor? Will you promise bet..
PS3 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Magicka: Wizard Wars Review
<p style="">Cowled craziness. That’s on tap with Magicka: Wizard Wars, a free-to-play mult..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Windward Review
<p style="">At the beginning of Windward, you're presented with four factions to choose..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Color Guardians Review
<p style="">Color Guardians is a beautiful headache. The idea is simple enough: you're ..
PS3 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Attack On Titan: Humanity In Chains
<p style="">We love playing David to countless video game Goliaths. Bosses are, more often t..
3DS 0.0 01 Jan 1970
StarDrive 2 Review
<p style="">A good 4X strategy game is a bit like a slow-burning fire--something to be stoke..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Project CARS Review
<p dir="ltr" style="">Project CARS doesn’t have any unlockables. You don’t ama..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review
<p style="" data-right-indent="0" data-left-indent="0">In The Witcher 3:..
PS3 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Toren Review
<p style="">When you're reflecting on a recently completed game, hating it is just as h..
PC 5.0 01 Jan 1970
Inside My Radio Review
<p style="">I'm a firm believer that all skills, even the ones we often think of as inn..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Magicka 2 Review
<p style="">Put <a href="/magicka-2/" data-ref-id="5000-285293">Ma..
PC 7.0 01 Jan 1970
Magnetic: Cage Closed Review
<p dir="ltr" style="">Magnetic: Cage Closed is a game where every second is a batt..
PC 3.0 01 Jan 1970
Sunset Review
<p style="">In Sunset, you sweep dusty floors, wash spotted windows, and fold a stranger’s..
PC 7.0 01 Jan 1970
Game of Thrones: Episode Four — So
<p style="">A friend once joked that HBO's <em>Game of Thrones</em> should ..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970