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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Hexacto's Tennis Addict
Tennis Addict deserves a place in any Smartphone owner's digital library.
MOBILE Tennis 8.0 22 Jan 2012
Despite its frustrating control, delivers some quality action.
MOBILE Horror Action Adventure 8.1 22 Jan 2012
Hugo - Black Diamond Fever
Black Diamond Fever is a good little platformer that fans of the genre should enjoy.
MOBILE 2D Platformer 7.1 22 Jan 2012
With its arcade-game aesthetic and its short-burst friendliness, looks great and plays even better.
MOBILE Puzzle 8.5 22 Jan 2012
Nano Kid
strikes the perilous balance between homage and over-derivation very well.
MOBILE 2D Platformer 7.8 22 Jan 2012
Massive Snowboarding
one of the few V Cast games whose technology does not hamper its gameplay but rather bolsters it.
MOBILE Snowboarding 9.2 21 Jan 2012
Zoo Keeper DX
a solid, though entirely unoriginal, puzzle game.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.3 21 Jan 2012
SWAT Force
lets you join the Special Weapons and Tactics team, a paramilitary police unit.
MOBILE Shoot-Em-Up 7.9 28 Feb 2006
Rainbow Striker
a soccer game from Japanese developer G-Mode.
MOBILE Soccer 7.2 01 Feb 2006
Diner Dash
a fun and addictive game that's both simple and challenging enough to keep you entertained for as much time as you have ..
MOBILE Puzzle 8.0 18 Jan 2006
Brady Bunch Kung Fu
The cheesy charm of <i>The Brady Bunch</i> mixes surprisingly well with outrageous fighting game aesthetics, crea..
MOBILE 2D Fighting 7.2 08 Dec 2005
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
This side-scrolling action game lets you play as both an acrobatic prince as well as his darker, edgier side through a short ..
MOBILE Fantasy Action Adventure 7.3 02 Dec 2005
Tower Bloxx
Build your city by building towers in this puzzle game with a slight SimCity twist from Digital Chocolate.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.2 01 Dec 2005
The Chronicles of Narnia
It's good for single-sitting strategy sessions, but after you've played through the brief story once, there's ..
MOBILE Fantasy Turn-Based Strategy 7.0 01 Nov 2005
Quake Mobile
All these years later, it's still a great game that may be a consideration next time you're ready to buy a handset.
MOBILE Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 8.1 01 Oct 2005
Doom RPG
an interesting and fun new twist on the Doom legacy.
MOBILE Role-Playing 8.6 13 Sep 2005
Duke Nukem Mobile II: Bikini Project
stacks up as a worthy sequel to the original mobile alien- mauler.
MOBILE Sci-Fi First-Person Shooter 7.6 01 Sep 2005
Marc Ecko's Getting Up
If you're looking for an authentic graffiti-culture experience, you'll be at least a little disappointed, but as a ..
MOBILE Modern Action Adventure 8.4 01 Sep 2005
Asphalt: Urban GT Multiplayer
With dozens of vehicles and nine locales to enjoy, online or off, brings a lot of quality content to bear, despite some netw..
MOBILE GT / Street Racing 8.2 01 Sep 2005
Turbo 21
You can easily see the addictive potential of despite its simplicity.
MOBILE Miscellaneous 7.1 25 Aug 2005

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