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Title Platform Genre Score Date
a fine example of how good a 2D platform game can be on a portable system.
GBC 2D Platformer 7.7 02 Jun 2002
Mega Man Xtreme 2
It will certainly appeal to an audience eager for a serious challenge and more classic Mega Man action as well as those who m..
GBC 2D Platformer 7.0 30 Oct 2001
Pokemon Crystal Version
For those who are new to Pokémon or have yet to upgrade from the Red/Blue/Yellow series, Pokémon: Crystal V..
GBC Role-Playing 8.4 29 Jul 2001
Dragon Warrior III
DWIII is a worthy port of its old NES ancestor, but its firm grounding in the RPG old-school means that only the hard-core ne..
GBC Role-Playing 7.6 16 Jul 2001
Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword
If you found the previous pocket-sized Tomb Raider too sluggish or bland, this new one probably won't change your mind.
GBC 2D Platformer 7.1 01 Jul 2001
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX
Unless you've played Road Champs BXS Stunt Biking to death, the sheer number of gameplay and style improvements present ..
GBC Biking 7.9 14 May 2001
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seaso
Although Capcom's Flagship team actually handled development on the two games, both of them pack in everything one expec..
GBC Fantasy Action Adventure 9.2 13 May 2001
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
Ages is a wonderful game in its own right, and as a set with Seasons, it comes as highly recommended as a game can be.
GBC Fantasy Action Adventure 9.2 13 May 2001
Legend of the River King 2
Although the game itself isn't overwhelmingly deep in terms of either fishing strategy or RPG intricacy, the incorporati..
GBC Fishing 7.8 17 Apr 2001
Batman: Chaos in Gotham
does well by following a storyline that would have appeared in the comic book or animated series and dressed it up with an a..
GBC 2D Platformer 7.4 16 Apr 2001
Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble
Yes, Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble is a gimmicky game, but it's a gimmicky game done well.
GBC Action 8.3 11 Apr 2001
The Simpsons: Night of the Living Tr
THQ has managed to re-create a decade of Halloween specials into a single GBC game that's bound to give series fans hour..
GBC 2D Platformer 7.8 26 Mar 2001
Mickey's Speedway USA
Varied gameplay, diverse options, gorgeous visuals, and ample two-player support make Mickey's Speedway USA a class-A ti..
GBC Kart Racing 9.0 25 Mar 2001
Tech Deck Skateboarding
a solid video game re-creation of the uniquely hands-on Tech Deck experience.
GBC Skateboarding 7.5 25 Mar 2001
Tom and Jerry: Mouse Hunt
a fun and exciting sportslike game that lives up the TV show's madcap, albeit sometimes violent, reputation.
GBC Action 7.4 14 Mar 2001
Scooby-Doo! Classic Creep Capers
The game is brief, but the tale it tells provides plenty of classic Scooby-Doo antics.
GBC Adventure 7.4 20 Feb 2001
Action Man: Search for Base X
While the game could be a touch easier and a tad less repetitive, it's still a fine addition to the 2D action genre.
GBC Action 8.4 06 Feb 2001
Metal Walker
a more than worthwhile endeavor for anyone that is in between Pokémon games.
GBC Role-Playing 8.0 01 Feb 2001
Dragon's Lair
Eighteen years later, it's still a refreshingly innovative game.
GBC Interactive Movie 7.5 15 Jan 2001
Mario Tennis
A lot of polish went into and it shows.
GBC Tennis 8.0 01 Jan 2001

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