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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Bejeweled Multiplayer
While 's graphics are a little on the murky side, it hardly touches the game's overall virtuosity.
MOBILE Matching Puzzle 9.4 18 Aug 2003
Dell Magazines Crossword
Network access to puzzles makes this whole crosswording-on-your-phone thing worthwhile.
MOBILE Puzzle 9.1 18 Dec 2003
an addictive play recommended for experts and novices alike.
MOBILE Puzzle 8.0 18 Dec 2003
CS Elimimatch
A good puzzle game is based on a few simple rules but is infinite in complexity. This describes Elimimatch perfectly.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.9 01 Jul 2003
The gameplay provides a challenge for newcomers and experienced ers alike, as there is always more than one way to approach a..
MOBILE Puzzle 8.1 13 Jun 2003
Blue Babel
If you've got a verbal bent, will definitely suit your fancy.
MOBILE Puzzle 8.0 13 Jun 2003
Puzzle Quest 2
combines trademark styling with an enhanced experience using new weapons, spells, and shields.
DS Action Puzzle 7.5 22 Jun 2010
Congo Cube
a terrifically fun puzzler and a great concept.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.1 02 Jul 2003
Among the numerous bland puzzlers on the cell, stands out as a very fun and original title.
MOBILE Puzzle 8.3 08 Jul 2003
the best translation yet of Taito's excellent arcade catalog.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.4 11 Nov 2003
Puzzle Bobble
a good addition to any puzzle-lover's library.
MOBILE Matching Puzzle 7.4 04 Aug 2003
Ace Yeti Trapper
It's a must-have addition to your game collection if you like maze-running games of any variety.
MOBILE Puzzle 8.8 17 Dec 2003
QBz for Prizes
a tidy, simple game that's been very nicely retrofitted for mobile consumption and competition.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.4 12 Mar 2004
Block Breaker Deluxe
It may be nothing more than a repackaged Arkanoid, but it plays well and makes for a great mobile game.
MOBILE Puzzle 8.5 15 Jun 2004
Puyo Pop Fever
comes with a new coat of paint and a new gameplay mechanic, but at its core it's still the same old Puyo Pop.
GC Matching Puzzle 7.1 20 Jul 2004
Ice Maze
It's a nice little time killer, and it's a fairly fun and challenging one at that.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.1 12 Mar 2004
If you're on the hunt for a good, difficult puzzle game that will keep you busy, 's 50 levels will give you a lot t..
MOBILE Puzzle 7.1 18 Feb 2004
an enjoyable puzzle game with a lot of replay value.
MOBILE Puzzle 7.2 11 Aug 2004
New York Times Crosswords
Crossword fans are going to love this game. As for everyone else, there's really nothing fancy or exciting here to draw ..
MOBILE Puzzle 7.0 12 Mar 2004
Return of the Incredible Machine Con
Return of the Incredible Machine combines the humor and nostalgia of Rube Goldberg cartoons into many hours of challenging an..
PC Puzzle 8.1 22 Jan 2012