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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Mega Man Legends 2
Capcom has turned what began as a mere spin-off into a worthy stand-alone franchise.
PS Action Role-Playing 8.2 24 Oct 2000
Dual Hearts
well-made and enjoyable enough that anyone who likes action RPGs should have a good time with it.
PS2 Action Role-Playing 7.5 23 Sep 2002
Mega Man Legends
It's deftly avoided the pitfalls that await most platformers making the jump from 2D to 3D by creating an action-RPG ins..
PS Action Role-Playing 7.2 31 Aug 1998
Kemco transforms a reviled PC game into a highly playable Game Boy Color game.
GBC Action Role-Playing 7.0 30 Jun 2000
Justice League Heroes
This action RPG's featured super heroes include Superman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhun..
PS2 Action Role-Playing 7.6 17 Oct 2006
For a game developed more than ten years ago, still surprisingly relevant, and it's a testament to tight, polished RPG g..
GBC Action Role-Playing 8.0 26 Jun 2000
Phantasy Star Online Episode I &
If you're completely new to the Phantasy Star Online experience and you're willing to pay the fees for online play,..
XBOX Action Role-Playing 7.9 15 Apr 2003
X-Men Legends
a great action RPG that packs in some strong action with a well-told story.
GC Action Role-Playing 8.2 21 Sep 2004
Drakengard 2
the sequel to the original Drakengard, which was brought to America by Square Enix. This addition to the series continues the..
PS2 Action Role-Playing 7.0 14 Feb 2006
Seek out pieces of famous treasure as an elvish bounty hunter in this action RPG.
GEN Action Role-Playing 7.0 29 Oct 1992
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
Fans of action RPGs should make every effort to play Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance--but ideally not the technically defic..
GC Action Role-Playing 7.6 18 Nov 2002
Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
It's basically a simple, mildly entertaining, and somewhat uneven quasi-futuristic dungeon crawl for one or two players.
XBOX Action Role-Playing 7.3 14 Jan 2004
Classic NES Series: The Legend of Ze
Though the game is old and has been followed up by plenty of other, deeper games in the series, The Legend of Zelda still hol..
GBA Action Role-Playing 7.1 02 Jun 2004
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
continues the X-Men Legends franchise with more than 20 playable characters.
XBOX Action Role-Playing 8.3 24 Oct 2006
X-Men Legends
a great action RPG that packs in some strong action with a well-told story.
PS2 Action Role-Playing 8.2 21 Sep 2004
Ys: The Ark of Napishtim
Washed ashore on an uncharted island, Adol Christin begins a new journey in .
PS2 Action Role-Playing 7.5 22 Feb 2005
Sigma Star Saga
Earth is under attack, and you are humanity's only hope for survival. The only way you can defeat the Krill force is to ..
GBA Action Role-Playing 7.2 16 Aug 2005
Summoner: A Goddess Reborn
an all-around good game, one with an engaging story and an original mix of action and role-playing elements.
GC Action Role-Playing 7.4 31 Jan 2003
Pirates of the Caribbean
Even with its problems, an enjoyable game that's recommendable to those intrigued by the subject matter.
XBOX Action Role-Playing 7.6 01 Jul 2003
Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
Boktai 2 stands as a unique action adventure experience that's sufficiently different from the first game to make it see..
GBA Action Role-Playing 8.0 19 Oct 2004