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Title Platform Genre Score Date
You risk your life to explore the thriving town of .
X360 Action Role-Playing 8.0 09 Mar 2011
Dungeon Siege II
brings you back to the fantasy land of Aranna, a land scarred by civil war. You must lead a six-member party against Valdis,..
PC Action Role-Playing 7.9 16 Aug 2005
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside S
The acclaimed Mario & Luigi series returns with another hilarious action role-playing game. Join the Mario Bros. as their..
DS Action Role-Playing 9.0 14 Sep 2009
Valkyria Chronicles II
The story of takes place two years after the conclusion of the original game.
PSP Action Role-Playing 8.0 30 Aug 2010
Solatorobo: Red the Hunter
an action role-playing game that takes place in the Shepherd Republic, which is a nation high in the skies.
DS Action Role-Playing 7.5 27 Sep 2011
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
The end result is an enjoyable experience, even if the game does not boldly go where no game has gone before.
PS2 Action Role-Playing 7.9 31 Aug 2004
Rogue Galaxy
a role-playing game developed by Level 5, the team behind Dark Cloud 2.
PS2 Action Role-Playing 8.0 30 Jan 2007
Lunar Knights
has you take control of two warriors on a quest to reclaim the world from the vampiric legion.
DS Action Role-Playing 8.4 06 Feb 2007
Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Stee
It'll provide dozens of hours of entertainment to both fans of squad-based combat games and fans of the series and stand..
PC Action Role-Playing 8.3 14 Mar 2001
Loki: Heroes of Mythology
Play as one of four heroes from Norse, Greek, Aztec, and Egyptian mythology as you fight legions of enemies in order to re-en..
PC Action Role-Playing 7.0 02 Oct 2007
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
continues the X-Men Legends franchise with more than 20 playable characters.
X360 Action Role-Playing 8.3 24 Oct 2006
Fable: The Lost Chapters
features expanded content not found in the original release which includes additional storylines, new sidequests, weapons, a..
XBOX Action Role-Playing 8.0 18 Oct 2005
Jade Empire: Special Edition
Set in an ancient world inspired by mythical China, Jade Empire lets you train under your master's watchful eye as you l..
PC Action Role-Playing 7.8 26 Feb 2007
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
In you can choose one of six characters and take part in both good and evil quests.
PS3 Action Role-Playing 7.0 11 May 2009
Beyond Divinity
This is a good, solid choice either for fans of Larian's last game or for anyone up for a deep computer role-playing exp..
PC Action Role-Playing 7.9 28 Apr 2004
Avencast: Rise of the Mage
This game follows the journey of a young mage as he leaves the safety of the Avencast academy of magic for the dangers of the..
PC Action Role-Playing 7.5 08 Nov 2007
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
Assemble your dream team from the Marvel Universe from over 24 playable characters, each with specialized powers in .
PS3 Action Role-Playing 7.5 15 Sep 2009
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
an action adventure game exclusively for the Nintendo Wii.
WII Action Role-Playing 7.5 08 Sep 2009
Vagrant Story
While a fairly short game, the depth and density of the story and gameplay contained in give it an intensity missing from mo..
PS Action Role-Playing 9.6 15 May 2000
Champions of Norrath
The core components that make up the game all come together to create an experience that is, across the board, better than th..
PS2 Action Role-Playing 8.5 10 Feb 2004