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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Super Mario Bros.
was one of the early NES games that fueled Nintendo's rapid rise to power.
NES 2D Platformer 8.3 18 Oct 1985
Samurai Gunn Review
Samurai Gunn is a two- to four-player local multiplayer game, where each player is armed with a sword ..
PC Action 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Strike Vector Review
Strike Vector is an intense, multiplayer third/first person air combat game.
PC Action 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Sir, You Are Being Hunted Review
Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a game where you're tasked with surviving on an island that i..
PC 3D 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Styx: Master of Shadows Review
<p style="">You're hugging the corner of the wall, watching the two guards walk toward ..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Skylanders Trap Team Review
<p dir="ltr" style="">The hook for this year's Skylanders entry seems prosaic..
PS3 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Sunset Overdrive Review
<p style="">If you're worn out on games with drab palettes and dramatic characters, the..
PS3 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Space Hulk: Ascension Edition Review
<p style="">Space Hulk: Ascension gets it right. Developer Full Control Studios dropped the ..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Sunset Overdrive and the Mystery of
<p style="">The better the game, the easier expansion packs can rely on a more-of-the-same a..
PS3 8.0 01 Jan 1970
Secret Ponchos Review
<p style="">Fighting games rarely do so much with so little. Don't let the isometric vi..
PS3 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Scrolls Review
<p style="">My opponent is smart. After laying a laughable ambulatory eldritch owl creature ..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Saints Row IV: Gat out of Hell Revie
<p style="">Saints Row developer Volition loves Johnny Gat. Saints Row fans, in general, lik..
PS3 7.0 01 Jan 1970
Switch Galaxy Ultra Review
<p style="">Life's not easy when you're a wannabe Lothario and rogue but your day ..
PS3 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Sunless Sea Review
<p style="">The wonder that exploration brings within a game is finite. Once we discover som..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Story of Seasons Review
<p style=""> Farm work often builds more calluses than character. Baling hay and operating h..
3DS 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Sid Meiers Starships Review
<p style="">"This would be good as a mobile game" was, historically, some pretty f..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970
State of Decay: Year One Survival Ed
<p style="">He agreed that it was time. He was infected. It was more than the Zed curse. We ..
PS3 5.0 01 Jan 1970
Slow Down, Bull Review
<p dir="ltr" style="">Poor Esteban has a bit of an image problem. The shy, blue bu..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2
<p dir="ltr" style="">Some of the best games for each console come out just as the..
3DS 0.0 01 Jan 1970
StarDrive 2 Review
<p style="">A good 4X strategy game is a bit like a slow-burning fire--something to be stoke..
PC 0.0 01 Jan 1970