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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Review
Ragnarok Odyssey ACE is an evolved version of the giant-hunting game released on PlayStation V..
PS3 Action 0.0 31 Dec 2016
Rekoil Review
Rekoil is a multiplayer first-person shooter set in a world where the only goal is to survive the unre..
PC 3D 0.0 29 Dec 2016
Ryse: Son of Rome Review
Ryse is a gritty, visceral action game that draws gamers into the epic times of the Roman Empire. ..
PS3 3D 4.0 22 Nov 2016
Resogun Review
Resogun is an intense fast-paced shoot em' up developed exclusively for the PS4.
PS3 2D 8.0 15 Nov 2016
Redshirt Review
Redshirt is the comedy sci-fi sim about social networking aboard a space station, starring the station'..
PC Simulation 6.0 13 Nov 2016
Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Revi
Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus is a story-driven adventure featuring outrageously upgraded weapons, planet ..
PS3 3D 8.0 12 Nov 2016
Roundabout Review
<p style="">Being a limousine driver isn't an easy gig. You've always got to worry..
PC 0.0 18 Sep 2016
Rambo: The Video Game Review
Rambo: The Video Game puts the player in John Rambo’s combat boots, and takes them on an action pack..
X360 Action 0.0 21 Feb 2016
Renaissance Heroes
an online multiplayer first-person shooter game set in 16th-century Renaissance Europe.
PC Action 8.0 19 Feb 2016
a modern take on the classic six-degrees-of-freedom shooter for the PC.
PC Puzzle 0.0 31 Jan 2016
Rooster Hunt
Face a horde of crazed chickens mounting a rebellion against you in .
WII Action 0.0 31 Dec 2012
Rosh Online: The Return of Karos
In players take on the role of a hero determined to break the curse of darkness falling over the fantasy world of Asmara.
PC Role-Playing 0.0 07 Dec 2012
Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal As
sault blends the series' classic comedy, camera, and controls with an innovative new way to play.
PS3 Action 0.0 27 Nov 2012
an action massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on a non-targeting system.
PC Role-Playing 0.0 20 Nov 2012
Rise of the Guardians
an adventure that tells the story of a group of heroes, each with extraordinary abilities.
X360 Adventure 6.0 20 Nov 2012
Resistance Collection
The will include all three of the critically acclaimed PS3 Resistance games from Insomniac Games.
PS3 Action 8.0 15 Nov 2012
Rift: Storm Legion
Storm Legion is the first expansion to Trion World's MMORPG game Rift.
PC Role-Playing 6.0 13 Nov 2012
Rabbids Rumble
lets you wreak havoc around every corner exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.
3DS Action 0.0 13 Nov 2012
Rockstar Games Collection: Edition 1
bundles up Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, L.A. Noire, and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Com..
X360 Puzzle 10.0 30 Oct 2012
a postapocalyptic vehicular first-person shooter.
PC Action 7.0 17 Oct 2012