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Title Platform Genre Score Date
JuJu Review
<p style="">If you really like the <a href="
PS3 0.0 09 Dec 2016
Journey of a Roach Review
Journey of a Roach has players visit a sarcastic, post-apocalyptic world where Roach Jim and his sidekick Bud are ou..
PC Puzzle 7.0 04 Nov 2016
JoJos Bizarre Adventure: All Star Ba
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle gives players the feeling that they are particip..
PS3 3D 0.0 29 Aug 2016
Journal Review
Enter the pages of the hand painted world of Journal.
PC Adventure 0.0 17 Feb 2016
Jazzpunk Review
Jazzpunk is a stylized first-person adventure comedy for the PC and Mac.
PC 3D 0.0 07 Feb 2016
Just Dance 4
features more than 40 new tracks, ranging from chart-topping Billboard hits to classic dance party tracks.
X360 Puzzle 8.0 09 Oct 2012
Jet Set Radio
an original Dreamcast game coming to the PSN, XBLA, and PC digital download.
X360 Action 4.5 19 Sep 2012
Joe Danger 2: The Movie
On the set of the greatest blockbuster "Movie" ever made, create your own action film scene by scene, performing ev..
X360 Action 0.0 29 Aug 2012
Journey Collector's Edition
The Journey Collector's Edition features all three best-selling games from acclaimed indie developer thatgamecompany: Jo..
PS3 Puzzle 8.0 28 Aug 2012
Johnny Kung Fu
an old-school action game that fuses gameplay styles from different time periods.
3DS Action 0.0 12 Jul 2012
Jewel Master: Cradle of Rome 2
Cradle of Rome 2 is an addictive match-three title where you will help rebuild one of the greatest civilizations, Rome.
3DS Puzzle 0.0 26 Jun 2012
Jeremy McGrath's Offroad
In Jeremy McGrath's Offroad, players race four-wheeled, 800-horsepower off-road race trucks with tons of options.
X360 Driving 0.0 20 Jun 2012
JAM Live Music Arcade
gives you the freedom to become the DJ, producer, and the band leader for total creative access in a live music sandbox.
PS3 Puzzle 0.0 15 May 2012
James Noir's Hollywood Crimes
James Noir's Hollywood Crimes is a puzzle adventure taking place in an interactive 3D world, with 150 puzzles and mind g..
3DS Puzzle 7.0 01 Nov 2011
Just Dance 3
The best-selling dance franchise returns with its highly anticipated third iteration, .
X360 Rhythm / Dancing 8.0 07 Oct 2011
Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony
Jamestown is a neoclassical top-down shooter set on 17th-century British Colonial Mars.
PC Shoot-Em-Up 8.0 08 Jun 2011
James Bond 007: Blood Stone
Bizarre Creations is crafting a James Bond-branded game that will feature racing and vehicular combat elements.
PC Modern Shooter 7.5 02 Nov 2010
Just Dance 2
The sequel to last year's hit dance party game returns exclusively for the Wii.
WII Rhythm / Dancing 7.0 12 Oct 2010
Joe Danger
Take control of motorbike stuntman, and break world records in this 3D side-scrolling stunt-em-up.
PS3 Racing 8.0 08 Jun 2010
Jolly Rover
In players control the 18th century protagonist on a quest to start his own circus (hopefully not a flea circus) across three..
PC Adventure 7.5 07 Jun 2010