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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Dangerous Golf Review
<div class="js-content-entity-body"> <p>Demanding equal parts finesse and..
PS3 0.0 28 Aug 2017
Dr. Luigi Review
WII Matching/Stacking 0.0 31 Dec 2016
Dead Rising 3 Review
Dead Rising 3 places players in the role of Nick Ramos who must find a way to escape a city full of zombie..
PS3 Action 7.0 22 Nov 2016
Dreamfall Chapters Book One: Reborn
<p style="">Eight years is a long time to wait for answers, and the opening scenes of Dreamf..
PC 0.0 21 Oct 2016
Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes
<p dir="ltr" style="">In Marvel comics lore, there's a character named Molecu..
PS3 0.0 23 Sep 2016
Deadfall Adventures Review
Deadfall Adventures is an action adventure first-person shooter set in exotic locations such as ancient Ma..
PC 3D 3.0 20 Sep 2016
D4: Dark Dreams Dont Die Review
<p style="">"Look for D," she says, and I giggle. Internet culture has ruined the ..
PS3 0.0 19 Sep 2016
Deus Ex: The Fall Review
Deus Ex: The Fall is a story driven action-RPG and the first Deus Ex in the series to be relea..
PC 3D 0.0 11 Jul 2016
DUST 514 Review
Dust 514 is a console-based hybrid massively multiplayer online first-person shooter set within the EV..
PS3 3D 0.0 14 May 2016
Daylight Review
Daylight is a PC-based psychological horror game where you wake up in an abandoned hospital wi..
PC 3D 0.0 29 Apr 2016
Dont Starve: Console Edition Review
Don't Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. ..
PS3 3D 0.0 23 Apr 2016
Demon Gaze Review
Demon Gaze is a dungeon-crawling RPG where you play as the main character Oz and explore 3D du..
PS3 Role-Playing 0.0 22 Apr 2016
Dragons and Titans Review
Dragons and Titans is a free-to-play social MOBA made by Wyrmbyte.
PC MOBA 0.0 12 Mar 2016
Dark Souls 2 Review
Dark Souls II is a sequel to From Software's critically acclaimed title Dark Souls. The ga..
X360 Action 0.0 11 Mar 2016
Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory Ki
<p style="">Eleum Loyce, the setting of ng, is the first location in a Souls game that I wou..
PC 9.0 11 Mar 2016
DmC: Devil May Cry - Vergil's Downfa
Vergil's Downfall is downloadable content for <a href="">DmC: ..
PC Action 0.0 05 Mar 2016
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
has players help Donkey Kong and his friends get back their home from Vikings.
WII 2D 0.0 28 Feb 2016
Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires
combines thrilling battlefield action with strategic gameplay, giving each player the opportunity to influence the way histo..
PS3 Action 7.0 26 Feb 2016
DmC: Devil May Cry - Bloody Palace
Bloody Palace, a mainstay of the <a href="">Devil May Cry</a> ser..
PC Action 0.0 20 Feb 2016
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Rev
Dangan-Ronpa puts you in the role of a character who does not murder, even though the only way to esca..
PS3 3D 0.0 11 Feb 2016