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Title Platform Genre Score Date
MotoGP 2 has twice the number of tracks available, and it includes just enough other enhancements to make it a worthwhile suc..
PS2 Motorcycle Racing 8.0 22 Jan 2002
Trials HD
a motorcycle racing game available for download on Xbox LIVE Arcade featuring more than 50 tracks.
X360 Motorcycle Racing 8.0 12 Aug 2009
MotoGP '07
MotoGP returns with new bikes, tracks and enhanced customization options.
X360 Motorcycle Racing 7.5 27 Aug 2007
MotoGP 08
features high-speed motorcycle racing with famous riders and top bike manufacturers.
X360 Motorcycle Racing 7.0 28 Oct 2008
MotoGP 09/10
takes the series in an exciting new direction rewarding players for their racing style and skill on the track.
PS3 Motorcycle Racing 7.0 23 Mar 2010
Superbike World Championship
It may not be the most realistic racing game ever created, but it certainly raises the bar for PC motorcycle racers.
PC Motorcycle Racing 8.2 28 Feb 1999
While it doesn't have as many tracks or as much replay value as we'd like, definitely deserves a spot on your shel..
PS2 Motorcycle Racing 8.0 31 Oct 2000
Ducati World Racing Challenge
makes a good effort at providing the kind of gameplay and variety that racing fanatics desire.
PS Motorcycle Racing 7.0 02 Jan 2001
MotoGP 3
Racing fans looking for a new and unique challenge that can be as rewarding as it is deep should give MotoGP3 a try.
PS2 Motorcycle Racing 8.2 17 Mar 2003
Speed Kings
Even though doesn't stray very far from the Burnout 2 formula, it's a solid racer that does a great job of conveyi..
GC Motorcycle Racing 7.6 28 May 2003
MotoGP 2
To put it simply, an outstanding game that belongs on the shelf of any racing fan with an Xbox.
XBOX Motorcycle Racing 8.9 21 May 2003
Road Rash: Jailbreak
fun and sometimes challenging, and you don't have to think too hard to enjoy it.
GBA Motorcycle Racing 7.3 17 Sep 2003
Superbike 2001
The speed, danger, and daring of world-class motorcycle racing have been captured superbly in
PC Motorcycle Racing 9.1 09 Oct 2000
MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology
MotoGP 3 straps you on the greatest two-stroke and four-stroke performance cycles. Bikes from a variety of manufacturers--inc..
XBOX Motorcycle Racing 8.9 30 Aug 2005
SBK 2011
SBK returns for 2011, with improved graphics, career mode, and photo sharing.
X360 Motorcycle Racing 8.0 13 May 2011
MotoGP 4
Get ready for new circuits, modes, and riders in this installment in the MotoGP series. This time, you can play online in hea..
PS2 Motorcycle Racing 7.6 20 Jun 2006
Hannspree Ten Kate Honda: SBK-07 Sup
erbike World Championship is an officially licensed SBK motorcycle racing game.
PS2 Motorcycle Racing 7.4 29 Oct 2007
MotoGP 08
features high-speed motorcycle racing with famous riders and top bike manufacturers.
PS3 Motorcycle Racing 7.0 28 Oct 2008
The graphics are some of the best for a racing game on the Game Boy Advance, and the different modes should keep you busy on ..
GBA Motorcycle Racing 7.1 08 Mar 2002
THQ's for the Xbox is the latest game that attempts to re-create the sport of Moto Grand Prix motorcycle racing, and fo..
XBOX Motorcycle Racing 8.5 19 May 2002