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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Football Manager 2012
allows players to take charge of their favorite football team and put their managerial skills to the test.
PC Football Management 8.0 20 Oct 2011
Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008
brings the franchise back for another year of satisfying your micro-management needs.
PC Soccer Management 8.5 23 Oct 2007
Football Manager 2011
gives players the power of being a manager of their very own soccer team.
PC Soccer Management 8.5 23 Nov 2010
Out of the Park Baseball 9
The ninth installment of this sports management game offers even more new ways to manage your very own virtual baseball team.
PC Baseball Management 8.5 01 Jun 2008
Championship Manager: Season 03/04
Who would have thought that one of the best games you could be playing on the PC was a text-based soccer management simulatio..
PC Soccer Management 8.6 21 Nov 2003
Front Office Football 2004
Online league play and smart little tweaks make this the best game in the history of the Front Office Football series.
PC Football Management 7.8 13 Nov 2003
Out of the Park Baseball 6
may look a lot like its predecessors, but many new features give the game an unmatched feeling of authenticity.
PC Baseball Management 8.6 16 Apr 2004
NFL Head Coach
a 3D sports sim that puts players in the shoes of an NFL head coach.
PS2 Football Management 7.2 20 Jun 2006
Football Manager 2010
Football Manager Handheld 2010 has a host of new features and improvements, including a brand new skin for the game and impro..
PC Soccer Management 8.5 03 Nov 2009
Worldwide Soccer Manager 2007
Manage your soccer team as a coach in . Also known as Football Manager 2007 in the UK and Australia.
X360 Soccer Management 8.3 01 Dec 2006
Baseball Mogul 2008
Baseball Mogul is back for another season and features a new database engine, improved user interface, and 2007 rosters.
PC Baseball Management 8.0 20 Mar 2007
NFL Head Coach 09
Take the reins of an NFL franchise as you recruit players, scout opponents, build a playbook, and lead your team to victory.
X360 Football Management 7.0 03 Sep 2008
Total Pro Football
Colorful graphics, an interface that practically takes you by the hand, and loads of added details and options make the best..
PC Football Management 8.3 01 Dec 2003
Front Office Football 2001
It's easily the game of choice for football fanatics who want to micromanage every aspect of their favorite teams' ..
PC Football Management 7.5 17 Jan 2001
Season Ticket Basketball 2003
Solid play, authentic number crunching, dedication to the fine details, and online league support make this one of the best s..
PC Basketball Management 8.1 10 Sep 2002
Out of the Park Baseball 5
improves on the series and will no doubt keep would-be baseball managers up late many a night.
PC Baseball Management 8.5 28 Feb 2003
PureSim Baseball
There's too much to like here to let one problem, however glaring, be a deterrent to enjoying .
PC Baseball Management 7.6 05 Jul 2002
Season Ticket Baseball 2003
There is no better sports management sim available on this side of the Atlantic.
PC Baseball Management 8.4 24 Mar 2002
Baseball Mogul 2002
's greatest success, as well as most disappointing failure, is that the captivating gameplay remains virtually identical..
PC Baseball Management 7.3 31 Mar 2001
Tournament Dreams College Basketball
comes as a blast of much-needed fresh air to the somewhat predictable pro-sim scene.
PC Basketball Management 8.9 01 Dec 2003