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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Trophy Bass 4
If you're in the market for a new fishing simulation, then the game of choice.
PC Fishing 8.2 28 May 2000
Pro Cast Sports Fishing
It might not have all the features that hard-core fans of the genre have come to expect, but it makes up for its shortcomings..
XBOX Fishing 7.1 27 Aug 2003
Bassmasters 2000
This game will definitely please any angler, whether a real-life bass-fishing expert or a beginner looking for some practice.
N64 Fishing 7.9 31 Dec 1999
Legend of the River King 2
Although the game itself isn't overwhelmingly deep in terms of either fishing strategy or RPG intricacy, the incorporati..
GBC Fishing 7.8 17 Apr 2001
Sega Marine Fishing
While the game may not hold up in terms of long-lasting value, those looking for a quick fishing fix without getting dirty wi..
DC Fishing 7.8 20 Aug 2000
Shark Hunt
Though the difficulty level was lowered considerably in the new version, remains enough of a challenge to keep you coming ba..
MOBILE Fishing 7.6 22 Jan 2004
Bassmaster: Legendary Lunkers
Bassmaster features deep, yet intuitive gameplay that feels like a genuine effort to simulate real-world fishing.
MOBILE Fishing 8.3 12 Aug 2004
Sega Bass Fishing
More of a fishing game than a fishing simulator, Get Bass is a cool, if temporary, way to spend your time. No messy worms eit..
DC Fishing 7.3 30 Sep 1999
Sega Bass Fishing Duel
Bass Fishing Duel is a solid-playing game that simply doesn't look that great.
PS2 Fishing 7.2 23 Sep 2002
Trophy Bass
If you're at all interested in the concept, you'll find well-made and fun to play. If not, cast your line elsewher..
PC Fishing 7.6 29 Feb 1996
Fishing Master
Assume the role of an up-and-coming fisherman tasked by his grandfather to compete in increasingly difficult fishing tourname..
WII Fishing 7.0 18 Sep 2007
Fisherman's Challenge
Fisherman's Challenge is a sound fishing simulation that offers plenty of depth and does a great job of accurately captu..
PS2 Fishing 7.1 19 Jan 2003
Sega Bass Fishing 2
a model example of what sequels should be.
DC Fishing 8.6 21 Aug 2001